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Hydrapulper Continuous Pulping System Equipment

Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd

Paper makers who want to set up waste paper pulping system have two different choices according to your demand and budget, one is D Type Hydrapulper, equipped with continuous pulping system, effectively reject the impurities, also can equipped automatic impurities reject valve to replace the continuous pulping system. Another is Drum Pulper pulping machine, whole design can reject the impurities automatically, do not need extra workers and almost no quick wear part. Here are the details about D Type Hydrapulper continuous pulping system.

Pulp Equipment For Continuous Pulping System

D Type Hydrapulper: Mainly used to crush pulp board, wastepaper, deinking, and pulp purification. Through dissociating, it can maximum make the fiber of paper dissociating into fiber bundles or single fibers, while at the same time, it can maximize maintain impuritys shape and strength.
Drum Screen: Used to remove light impurity in recycled paper pulping system.
Grapple: Grappling heavy and large impurities from sediment well in pulp and paper making industry.
Ragger: Removing the twined materials in the waste pulp, such as iron wire, rope, plastic and cotton yarn and so on.
Rope Cutter: Cutting off the rope from ragger in waste paper recycling system.

Every pulping system have their own advantages, welcome to consult us for questions, our professional will make the most suitable plan for you, which is ensure highest efficiency and lowest cost. Email: papermachinespareparts@gmail.com

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