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Mini Waste Paper Recycling Plant

Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd

Some customer leave message ask about mini waste paper recycling plant, we supply the complete of waste paper pulp making line, the details as below.

Waste Paper Recycling Machine

Raw material: Waste carton, cardboard paper
Production capacity: Small capacity under 100tpd
Set up mini waste paper recycling plant: Paper makers who want to start a new waste recycling plant, need to consider few factors: such as land occupation, water consumption, power consumption, raw material selection, budget, etc
Waste paper recycling process: Waste paper breaking → waste paper conveying → waste paper pulping → pulp screening → pulp refining → pulp approaching......

If you want to set up the complete waste paper recycling line, feel free to consult us: papermachinespareparts@gmail.com.

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