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Paper Mill How To Improve Paper Forming?

Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd

 Paper forming question is continue to be a hot topic among paper mill, here are the solutions about how to improve paper forming.

1. Decrease the headbox density if dewaterability of the forming wire is permissible
2. If other aspects of page quality permit:
(A) Change the paper stock to shorter fibers
- Use more hardwood for coated base papers or double-glues
- Grinding wood pulp paper, reducing groundwood freeness, or increasing the amount of groundwood
(B) Add beating if appropriate
- Controlled shut-off is better than over-hydration.
3. Operate under optimal net tension
- Do not allow the forming wire to sag onto the dewatering element or too loose at the breast roll
- Do not allow the net to change direction drastically in the forming plate and roller area
4. Use the following ways to improve the network of dehydration capacity:
(A) Move the vacuum box toward the roll and add more dewatering elements
(B) Addition board or humidification vacuum box
(C) Install a vacuum box with a low coefficient of friction
- This allows the forming wire to be operated in a tighter manner at the breast roll and allows the net to dewater, in addition to its dewatering at the vacuum box
(D) If the stability of the paste on the forming wire is allowed, the angle of the chopping board can be increased and the degree of vacuum of the wet vacuum box can be increased.
(E) Reduce initial dewatering to avoid pasting
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