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Pressure Screen Machine Working Principle

Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd

Pressure screen machine in paper pulp making industry is mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp. And used after High Density Cleaner, to remove all kinds of impurities.

Working Principle Of Pressure Screen Machine

Pressure screen under the rotating function of drum sieve and rotating cylinder and centrifugation effect. The machine will separate the qualified pulp and non-qualified pulp. It consist of cylinder, cylinder cover, sieve drum, rotary cylinder, base and transmission parts, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Leizhan Pressure Screen?

1. Automatic oil injection device imported from Korea;
2. Seal water flow automatic detection alarm device imported from Finland;
3. The whole tank of pressure screen machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the rotor is made of 316L;
4. Double sides mechanical seal, protect the inside bearing, if on side was broken, another side still running normally;
5. MC. Pressure Screen sensor is made by German, and the foundation is bent at a time, work more stable;
6. Argon arc manual welding, manual weld, welding perfect.

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