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The Function Of Paper Machine Felt

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Paper machine felt play an important role in paper making process if we want to get high quality paper, the functions you may know or may not know as below description, hope to cause your attention. All we do is to get high quality paper.

Paper Machine Felt Function

1. The filtration of water: As dehydration medium, the water in paper can be absorbed and filtrate by felt when pressing;
2. Leveling effect: In paper transfer and dehydration process, have good formation and modification function to paper surface;
3. Delivery function: Support wet paper get into drying part, and drive the rotate of press part rollers.

The water squeezed by the press from the wet paper is finally removed through the felt. If the permeability of the felt is poor, the extruded water will re-enter the paper when the paper exits the press area, reducing the dryness of the paper. In this way, increasing the moisture content of the paper into the dryer section will greatly increase the energy consumption for drying. The increase in the moisture content of the web forces the speed of the paper machine to decrease, which will also lead to a reduction in the output.

In addition, if the performance of the blanket is poor, some paper diseases will also occur and the quality of the product will be reduced. It can be seen that blankets are important factors affecting the dewatering speed of the press unit, the dryness and quality of the paper web, and are directly related to the dewatering efficiency of the press unit, the inherent and appearance quality of the paper, and the production efficiency of the paper machine.

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