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The Importance Of Beating Pulp

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Q: What is the purpose of pulp beating? 

A: Depending on the quality requirements of the paper or board and the type and characteristics of the pulp used, the morphology and properties of the fibers are physically controlled to achieve the desired quality of the paper or paperboard produced.
Q: The main task of pulp beating? 
(1) Using physical methods, such as mechanical treatment of fiber suspension in water, subjecting the fiber to shearing force, changing the shape of the fiber to obtain certain characteristics (such as mechanical strength and physical properties) of the pulp to ensure that the product is copied Achieve the expected quality requirements.
(2) Through grinding beating, control the water-draining performance of the paper material on the net to meet the need of paper machine production, make the paper form well and improve the evenness and strength of the paper.
Q: What happened to the fiber during the beating process?
(1) Cell wall displacement and deformation.
(2) rupture of primary and secondary wall outer layers.
(3) water swelling.
(4) Fine fibrosis.
(5) cut off horizontally.
Q: What are the factors that affect beating?
(1) Beating pressure.
(2) beating concentration.
(3) beating temperature.
(4) throughput.

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