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Waste Paper Bale Breaker

Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co.,Ltd

After the packaged waste paper arrives at the stockpile pulping plant, the forklift truck is directly placed on the feeding chain conveyor without unpacking and sorting. First, the bundled wire is manually cut and removed, and the feeding chain conveyor transports waste paper bales to the bale screener at a rate of 2 to 15 m/min and then the paper bale is fed into the machine through the hopper of the slag removal machine feeding tray.

What Capacity Waste Paper Bale Breaker We Can Supply?

Nominal diametr: 3000mm-4000mm
Processing capacity: 220t/d-1200t/d
Motor power: 18.5*2kw-37*2kw

The Function Of Paper Waste Bale Breaker

1. Breaking the compact waste paper into peaces, reduce the amount of forklift, improve following equipment(drum pulper) pulping efficiency, reduce the power consumption;
2. Dry screening to remove the heavy impurities, decrease the wear of following equipment, improve pulp quality;
3. Save paper waste sorting labor, improve the use of classified waste paper, waste, and appreciation of space

More details about waste paper bale breaker and paper pulping line machine, welcome to consult us: papermachinespareparts@gmail.com

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